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World's Oldest Rodeo Recap

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Capturing this year at the Prescott Frontier Days World’s Oldest Rodeo was epic! As the team behind the lens at Blushing Cactus Photography, we had the incredible opportunity of covering the overall Rodeo experience, from each exhilarating moment of the sheer determination of the riders to the powerful spirit of the animals, and the electrifying energy of the crowd. This rodeo was a performance of all of this and so much more, and today we're going to share our unique perspective of this incredible event that we have captured for the past 5 years.

First, let’s talk about the heart and soul of the rodeo - the riders. These fearless individuals demonstrate grit and courage. We were there to capture each heart-stopping moment of the riders holding on tightly, with their faces a mixture of intense concentration and thrill. Each image showcases their physical prowess and indomitable spirit, a testament to their passion for this sport.

The awesome power of the rodeo animals is an essential part of this performance. The strength of the bucking broncos and bulls was contrasted against the agile and quick barrel racing horses, created a spectacle that was nothing short of mesmerizing. We worked to capture the essence of these magnificent creatures, their raw power, and their pivotal role in making the rodeo what it is.

Equally as captivating was the crowd. There's something magical about the collective anticipation of an audience, the gasps of suspense and cheers of exhilaration. We captured a wide variety of images showing the vibrant sea of spectators filling the arena, multiple generations of family together, dressed in their rodeo best, their hands and voices raised up for every rider, and in unison they shared the thrill of each event.

As the photographers for the Rodeo, one of our absolute favorite places to be is behind the chutes. This is where the riders get ready for their event, getting taped up, saying prayers, or sharing stories with other riders. There is an equally impressive rodeo team and meticulous ground crew orchestrating this production, ensuring the safety of the riders and animals alike. Not to mention the rodeo clowns and the bull fighters, whose humor and bravery are an essential part of the show. We were there capturing the candid moments of this dedicated crew and their focus and commitment to making this a successful event for everyone.

Photographing a rodeo can be a unique challenge, demanding a blend of action, portrait, and documentary photography. However, it’s one that we at Blushing Cactus Photography eagerly look forward to each year. It allows us to share the rich tapestry of emotions, experiences, and narratives that emerge throughout the week.

From the individual stories of these courageous riders to the wider narrative of the rodeo itself, we're privileged to bring these moments to life through our lens. As we look back on the images from this year's rodeo, we're reminded of the thrills, the excitement, and the emotions that make this event so special and means so much to the City of Prescott.

We will see you at the next Prescott Frontier Days World’s Oldest Rodeo!

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